sign of life

Yes, I am stil here 🙂 Just had to study for and write a handful of exams, which is why I didn’t have time for an update. But that’s done (thank God) so I can finally continue with this project. I have all the parts now, and will start with soldering and programming within the next few days.

Shopping time!

Time for another update! As I am still waiting for my Arduino to arrive from China (apparently it’s now somewhere in Germany according to DHL, so it won’t be much longer hopefully) I got some terracotta pots and a hot plate.

Hello world!

The beginning of this blog also marks the beginning of my first project combining my love for all things BBQ with the focus of my studies – electronics. How, one might ask.The answer is pretty simple: An electric smoker à la Dave Naffziger. But with a twist: it’ll involve WiFi,  Arduino and a lot of tinkering. So stay tuned!